Implementing an AI Web Agent

An AI Web Agent is not at all like the typical chatbot that you may be used to, which is typically connected to a customer service or sales agent, often based in another country. It’s more of a ChatGPT type of experience except the interface is on your website or intranet and the answers are derived from your own knowledge base.

In my view, AI Web Agents are likely to shake up the website design industry because it is a lot easier to converse with a web agent than it is to read all the blurb on a website. It also provides the website visitor with a much more engaging experience, whilst also being genuinely useful.

I suspect that in a few years, every website will have one, but for now they are very rare. As an example, of the top 4 Australian banks, only NAB has one. The others are missing in action !! For those that need to generate sales through their website, and particularly those in B2C, this a great opportunity to get ahead of your competition.

An AI Web Agent is also a very good way to get started on your AI journey, since they are very easy to implement, relatively low cost (although that is subjective) with an immediate and obvious benefit. It’s an easy way to impress your customers and your board.

If you’d like to see an AI Web Agent in action, I’ve made a short video, which is only 3.16 mins. It features a small technology college based in Adelaide, which I suspect you’ve never heard of. This does raise the question of “if they’ve got one, then why don’t we all”. I don’t know about you, but I’m working on it.

Sales Disclosure: StrategyMix now represents, the provider of the AI Web Agent featured in the video. This means that you can purchase the web agent through StrategyMix and we also provide success managers, first line customer support (not technical) and priority access to our customer community.

Any Comments?

If you have any experiences, comments or different experiences you’d like to share, then please do!