Do We Plant Questions?

No, we do not. Nor do we allow vendors or consultants to add their own questions. All questions are submitted by end-users either directly within the forum or at one of our roundtables, which we then repost under the user name of eventQuestions, so the users identity can remain anonymous.

Do We Share or Sell Member Data?

No. StrategyMix does not share or sell any identifiable member data with any third party.

We do share company names to encourage others to join the Insights forum. This is to help us create the most useful discussions possible.

How Do We Control Vendors?

All vendors who join the Insights forum, must be pre-approved. To be approved, they first need to sign to agree to the Vendor Terms and Conditions, which outlines their expected behavior and what they may and may not do.

If you view the Vendor Terms and Conditions, you will see that we apply penalties for indiscretions, which may result in vendors being suspended or excludeed from the Insights forum.